Database Cleansing


Kendlebell provide a database cleansing service to many customers.
Kendlebell can help source a list of customers to target or we alternatively work with an existing database supplied by our clients. Our Pas phone the various companies and verify the contact information on the database. If required we will verify the data by way of internet search and gather information on appropriate contacts including email contacts. At the end of project, our clients will be provided with an updated database.

“At CMS, we have been using Kendlebell for over 5 years. Prompt answering of the telephone and accurate recording of messages are vital to our business of repairing printers and photocopiers. We find Kendlebell to be very efficient and it saves us the extra cost of hiring a receptionist. We get a summary of all messages every evening to ensure that no calls are missed out by us. In addition, we have used Kendlebell for telemarketing campaigns and data cleansing activity and found them to be excellent.”

Daniel Collins – Owner/Director CMS Ireland Ltd.

Bespoke pricing,
depending on customer

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