Kendlebell can help our customers grow their business by providing telemarketing services to support their sales efforts.
Our approach in lead generation activity is to ask a series of questions that will help to qualify the prospect. These questions might include:

Which services are currently used? Who is the current supplier? Would the person like to receive information on an offer that can help save costs?

As the database is at the heart of all direct marketing activity we recommend Clients source a list of contacts that meets your exact criteria, we ensure target audience is addressed in a well-planned fashion over agreed period of time.

When considering outsourcing telemarketing, some client’s think product training in support of telemarketing strategies will be time consuming. However, in our experience the training piece is straightforward when using an experienced telemarketing team.

Telemarketing strategies should not be implemented as standalone activities. As digital marketing and CRM systems mature, we are seeing much more sophisticated integration of email and telemarketing contact tactics. For example, you can create up-to-date contact data through your website and email campaigns, which allow Prospects to opt in to taking marketing offers and calls.

The telemarketer is then working from a warm, current list. Also, telemarketing strategies can be supported by other channels. Few Prospects are likely to take an appointment or buy after one call, so email collateral, links to website pages (etc) are good ways to extend the interaction beyond the telemarketers call.

Bespoke pricing,
depending on customer

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