Telephone Numbers

The type of telephone number you use to promote and market your business can help increase advertising responses and sales of your products and services,  we supply geographic numbers in Ireland and the UK as well as full range of freephone and local call numbers.

Choose number type you require and we can set up within 24hrs of request if you phone us on 1800 844 448.

Telephone Numbers

Geographic Numbers

Kendlebell provide Geographic Number services to help increase market response for your products and services.
Virtual Telephone Numbers

Non-Geographic Telephone Numbers

Kendlebell provide full range of telephone numbers which are not identified with a Geographic area. 0818, 1890, 1850. 1800….

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Kendlebell provide cloud based automated call handling systems with customised menus.

Personalised Voicemail

Kendlebell PAs can mange voicemail for you and your team
Information Line

Information Line

When you want to advise callers that your business has a special announcement, updated address or contact details