1890 Lo-Call Numbers Go Local in every County

Lo-call telephone numbers allow prospects and customers to call your business for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Ireland.


1890 – LoCall

Advertising a 1890 number gives your business a “local feel” whilst still maintaining a national presence, it conveys a professional “Big” business image

The numbers are non-geographic which means they are not associated with any particular location in Ireland. This can assist when targeting a wide area.

Your Irish lo-call number is portable, hence you will never need to change your number again.

1890 numbers allow callers to contact you for the price of a local call, regardless of where located, you pay the balance of the call. Callers dialling from a standard telephone line will pay 5.17c day time & 1.32c evening/weekends per minute while you pay the balance (calls from mobiles may cost more).

Callers will pay the local rate for the duration of the call, for example a 5 minute call to you will cost your customer 25.85c (assuming the call is from an Eircom line during the day)

A 1890 local rate number can be routed directly to a landline or mobile number of your choice, costs €20.00 + VAT per month, plus call charges.

plus call charges

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